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Stellar Abyss
22 November 1985
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It's stellarabyss with yet ANOTHER LJ.

This will be my grapics journal.

So now that I have aquired some Photoshop skills. I've started making icons. They aren't the greatest, But I have surprised myself with what I have been able to make.

I'm into all sorts of crap mostly anime and manga. So any icons I churn out will be anime or manga based.


Icon makers work damn hard on their icons and some have rules. I have a few, And they should be pretty easy to follow.

1 - Comment. I like to know where my icons go.

2 - Credit stellarabyss or stellar_abyss.

3 - Don't claim them as your own. Even though I say my icons are craptastic every chance I get I still worked hard on them. And don't need someone else taking credit for my hard work.

4 - Don't hotlink.

5 - Don't edit my icons. If you like the image used, Ask and I'll give you the base or direct you to where I got the image.

6 - I don't mind if you use my icons at GJ or a forum. As long as you credit stellar_abyss @ LJ. Or link back.

I'm a member of a couple of icontests. And I figure why not advertise them a little.

dogs_awards, seed_icontest, seed_chorus, bleach_icontest, mangaicontest, furuba_hush, seed_stills

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A small note. I enter all icontests under my stellarabyss account. And post the icons in this LJ once all the voting and etc. are over.